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For students and parents 

1. What are the courses offered by the institution? 
The institution offers both undergraduate course namely Bachelor in Dental Surgery (BDS),  postgraduate Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) courses in all the nine branches of  dentistry as well as PG Diploma courses, Certificate courses in Dentistry and PHD  programs in select branches. Please refer to our official website ( for more information.

2. Are the courses recognized by Dental Council of India? 
Yes.  All the courses offered by the institution are recognized by the Apex bodies and affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. Please refer to our official website ( for further details 

3. What are the criteria for admissions to the courses offered by the institution?
Admission to the various undergraduate and postgraduate courses is based on the guidelines of the Government of Karnataka, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka as well as Dental council of India. The candidate can contact the student section in-charge for further details during the institution working hours. 

4. What is the process of obtaining admission to various courses?
Admission to the BDS and MDS courses is through common entrance examinations conducted by NEET and seat allotment through Karnataka Examination Authority (KEA)

5. When does the process of admission start for the various courses?
BDS admission process begins with entrance examination conducted during May-June of the academic year while the entrance examinations for admission to MDS courses are conducted in February. Announcement regarding the same are made in all the major daily newspapers. The BDS academic year begins in August while the MDS academic year begins in June. 

6. What is the fee structure for the various courses? 
The institution follows the fee structure prescribed by the government for private dental  institutions. Further details may be obtained from the institution office during working hours. 

7. When should the admission/tuition fee be paid? 
The admission fees and the tuition fee for the first year should be paid on the day of admission to the respective course. 

8. ls there a management quota for admissions?
Yes, As per the government provisions 20% of the seats are reserved for the institution, of which 15 percent is for Foreign nationals/NRI’s (Non resident Indians)/NRI sponsored. Remaining 5% is Institutional preference. However the candidate should possess a NEET ranking and the admission process is through KEA. Please contact the office for further information

9. How far is the institution from the Airport/Railway station/Bus Stand?
1. Kempegowda International Airport - 42 km 
2. Railway stations-Bangalore City Junction (Majestic circle) - 11 km 
3. Bangalore Cantonment station - 12 km 
4. Yesvantpur Junction - 17 km 
5. Bangalore City bus stand (Majestic circle) -11 km 
6. Shanthinagar Bus stand (for buses to and from Tamil Nadu and Kerala) -5. 9 km
7. Mysore road Satellite Bus Station-16 km 

10. Does the institution have hostels for boys and girls? 
Yes, The Institution has separate hostels for boys and girls on the campus itself with resident wardens who ensure discipline, safety and security of the students from other places. Food is also provided at a reasonable cost by the hostel mess. A canteen is also present on the institution campus 

11. Does the institution have campus placements? 
The institution does facilitate graduate student placements through its network with other institutions as well as individual faculty contacts. 

12. What are the extracurricular activities fostered by the institution?
Sports facilities are available on campus for students. Several cultural and sports competitions are conducted during the academic year that ensure a student's holistic development. 

13. What are the student support systems available? 
Students are taught by highly qualified faculty according to the academic requirements laid down by the university. Students showing aptitudes in certain areas are encouraged and additional training is provided to them within the framework of the course. Students who lag behind are helped with remedial classes. All the students are provided mentors whom they can approach throughout their course for any help and guidance.

14. Are emergency facilities available on campus? 
Yes, if required the individual is shifted to the nearby hospital for further treatment

15. ls the student's security taken care of?
Yes. Student security is ensured by the security personnel located at all the entrances to the institution and hostels round the clock. 

16. What are the learning resources available?
The institution library has all the required books, Journals and periodicals for all the  courses offered. Online resources are also available on the college campus Wi-Fi  network as well as the computer section of the library, 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) for patients visiting the dental hospital 

1. What are the dental treatments provided? 
The college dental hospital is a comprehensive facility providing all dental treatment procedures within the institution or through its affiliate hospitals. For details of services provided refer to the website 

2. What is the process of obtaining treatment at the hospital?
Patients visiting the institution should register at the reception counter and proceed to the  general screening section at Room No 2 (Department of Oral Medicine and Dental  Radiology) from where you will be guided to the relevant specialty department for  further treatment. 

3. Is the treatment done by students? 
Yes. However, the students are guided throughout by qualified clinicians. Simple 
treatment procedures such as routine fillings, tooth cleaning, tooth removal and tooth replacement are done by undergraduates (BDS). Advanced procedures are done by the postgraduates.

4. What are the treatment charges?
Treatment is provided at a highly subsidized rate which will be informed to you before  the procedure is started. Details will be shortly available on the college website. 

5. Are concessions given for treatment?
Treatment concessions are given based on the institutions policy guidelines to help  needy patients.

6. Where is the dental hospital located?
The hospital is located within the premises of the institution at CA 37, 24th Main, J. P.  Nagar First Phase, Bangalore 560078 (Opposite Rangashankara Theatre Complex/Innisfree School)

7. Does the institution conduct any dental camps?
Yes. The institution conducts camps regularly both within the premises as well as in the  surrounding areas. Both screening (examination) services and free treatment is 
provided for patients who provide an informed consent. 

8. Can we request for a camp to be conducted anywhere?
Yes. Any individual or an organization (NGO) who wishes to conduct a dental camp in their institution/organization can send in a formal request to the Principal before the second week of the month in order to help organize the same.

9. Is there a general hospital attached to the dental hospital?
Yes. Presently patients requiring hospitalization such as those requiring jaw surgeries,  or extensive dental treatment are treated at Sevakshetra Hospital an affiliate hospital. A  gneral hospital is also being developed on the campus itself for the benefit of patients. 

10. Are dental treatment procedures covered under health insurance?
Presently insurance companies do not cover dental treatment under their policies. However; surgeries under hospitalization can be covered by the same. Please check with the insurance provider for further clarification 


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