Dr. K.S. Nagesh, M.D.S.
Principla, Prof. & Head of the Deparment.
Dr.Asha R Iyengar, M.D.S.
Dr.Jyoti Gupta, M.D.S.
Associate Professor
Dr. Divya M.R.
Dr. Sushma Rao
Dr.Renuka Hunnur


Oral Medicine is the first department that the patients enter as they come to the hospital. This department ensures that the patients feel at home as soon as they enter the hospital. The complaints are assessed and the cause of the suffering is diagnosed in this department with deft clinical skills and the use of modern diagnostic equipment. The most appropriate treatment measures are suggested and patients are referred to the respective departments for any further treatment.

Special Services Rendered

  1. Medical management of Patients with Orofacial pain like-Pulperiapical, Myofacial Pain Dysfunction Syndrome (MPDS).
  2. Medical management of Ulcers, Tobacco related lesions and other precancerous lesions, Neuralgias-Pain associated with Nerves of Head and Neck and Disorders of jaw joint.
  3. Dental management of Medically compromised patients.


The department is equipped with latest Imaging Techniques for Dentofacial structures:

  • Conventional Dental X-ray machine detecting
    • Problems with the teeth and gums
    • Fracture of the jaw and other bones of the face
    • Cysts and tumors of the jaw
  • The Panoramic X-ray machine gives a composite image of the teeth and jaws in one single view.
  • A state of the art Digital Imaging System.
    The Gendex Visualix,a radiovisiography machine in the department is used to take direct digital X-rays of the teeth and surrounding structures. Its use in Teleradiology is unlimited. It is invaluable in diagnosing endodntic and periodontic cases.
  • TENS machine-the latest Physiotherapy equipment used to treat chronic-facial pain.
  • Intra Oral Camera - Gives magnified images of the teetha & oral tissues on the computer monitor. Acts as a good patient education tool.
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