Greetings from the Principal

Rastreeya Sikhshana Samithi Trust is one of the oldest Trusts in Karnataka, running 21 institutions with "quality education and service " as their motto. The Trust started in 1940 by Late Sri..M.C.Sivanada Sarma. All the activities of the trust is carried out under the able leadership of Sri.M.K.Panduranga Setty, President, Chief Mentor Sri.D.A.Pandu and a dedicated team of Trustees. The students have maintained good academic excellence consistently. The students graduated from this institution have already established themselves and made a name and brought fame not only in Karnataka but outside as well.

On behalf of the Trust and the institution, I welcome new students to the R.V. Family. I assure the wards and the parents that their stay in the institution for the next five years will make them one of the best health care professionals, who will be able to meet challenges in life and the needs of the society.

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