Rastreeya Sikhshana Samithi Trust was established in the year 1940.
Sri M.C.Sivanada Sarma, a mighty man of miracles who came from a small village near Mysore and established a primary school with only six students in the city of Bangalore.
He approached a number of philanthropists and merchants, and with their donations, started building R.V.Institutions.The institutions are managed by the trust under the able guidance of Sri.M.K.Panduranga Setty, a leading industrialist of Karnataka and past director of Rotary International along with the team of dedicated Trustees. The Trust has been rendering yeoman service in the field of education. The philosophy of the Trust is "Excellence in Education and Service to Humanity".

  • R.V.Shishu Vihar
  • R.V.Higher Primary School
  • R.V.High School
  • R.V.Teachers College including P.G.Department
  • R.V.Teachers Training Institute
  • R.V.Girls High School
  • R.V.College of Engineering
  • NMKRV PU College for Women
  • NMKRV College for Women including P.G.Department
  • Shaswathi
  • SSRV PU College
  • SSRV College
  • R.V.Integrated School for the Disabled
  • D.A. Pandu Memorial R.V.Dental College & Hospital
  • R.V.Centre for Manufacturing Research and Technology utilization
  • R.V.Institute of Management
  • R.V.Institute for Social Service and Skill promotion
  • R.V.TIFAC Composite Design Centre
  • R.V.Public School (ICSE Scheme)
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