Dr. A. Ananthraj, M.D.S.
Prof. & Head of the Deparment.
Dr. P. Praveen , M.D.S.
Associate Professor.
Dr. Karthik Venkataraghavan, M.D.S
Assistant Professor
Dr.Sudhir R

The Dept.of pediatric dentistry is headed by Dr.A.Ananthraj, Proff, and supported by Dr.Praveen.P., Asst Prof, Dr.Karthik.Venkataraghavan, Senior lecturer and Dr.Sudhir.R., lecturer.There are ecxcellent facilites for training f undergraduates and post graduate students with unique cabins for privacy during treatment procedures. Audio and Video facilities have been provided for the entertainment of the patients. The Department has an ambience, which is well accepted by the patients who come here for treatment. There is a well-equipped laboratory for fabricating appliances etc. The children who come here for treatments have a separate play area where they can relax.

The following treatments are offered in the department:

  • Parent and children counseling regarding the intake of proper diet to prevent the incidence of tooth decay
  • Preventive resin and pit and fissure sealant restorations
  • Root canal therapy for primary and young permanent teeth along with the crown restorations
  • Correction of oral habits like thumb sucking, mouth breathing, lip biting, tongue thrusting, teeth grinding, etc.
  • Appliances for maintaining and regaining space lost due to premature loss of primary teeth.
  • Correction of minor irregularities of the teeth and oral cavity.
  • Management of cleft lip and palate patients by the way of fabricating feeding palate or obturators.
  • Management of traumatic injuries to the teeth due to fall, accidents, etc.
  • Management and treatment of physically and mentally challenged children
  • Tooth colored restorations for decayed teeth
  • Management of problem children under genera anesthesia at Sevakshetra hospital.

The department organizes and conducts school dental health programme son a regular basis in the state of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in association with T.V.S.Motor Co.Ltd.

The departments also conduct comprehensive treatment for physically and mentally challenge children in association with FAME (Foundation for activation, motivation and empowerment) and other NGO's.

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