Dr. N. Sridhar, M.D.S.
Dr. A Suchetha, M.D.S.
  Dr. Sanjay, B.D.S.

This department is fully equipped for under graduate and for postgraduate studies. We cater to a large section of the people who require prophylactic and supporting structure of the teeth. The treatment rendered in this department will prepare the patient to maintain optimal levels of oral hygiene and provide better support for the existing natural teeth enabling other specialities of dentistry to work on patients hassle free.


This spacious well-designed department has the latest equipment for providing high tech care for the patients. This department houses computerized autoclaves, ultrasonic scalers, computer for record maintanence, departmental statistics and a well furnished department library.

Services Rendered

This department primarily deals with :

  • Oral prophylaxis-Periodontal Debridement Supra Gingival Scaling (using special instruments)
    • Sub Gingival Scaling (using ultra sonic instruments)
    • OralPhysiotheraphy -correction and reinforcement of the oral Hygiene procedures for the maintenance of optimum oral health.
  • Advanced Periodical Surgical Procedures-for maintenance, eradication and reconstruction of the periodontal pockets/defects.
    • Gingivetomy/Gingivoplasty-in cases of overgrown gums.
    • Flap Surgery-In cases of deepened periodical pockets.
    • Bone grafting-using either artificial or real bone, to reconstruct the bone defects created by the periodontal disease.
  • Mucogingival surgeries
  • Cosmetic gingival contouring-Smile Design
  • Occlusal Correction-Coronoplasty
    • For the mal-occluding teeth-to provide a more favourable chewing pattern for the patients.
    • Splinting of mobile teeth-for better stability, function and esthetics.
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